Happy Wonderland Series Eve!

Good evening!

Tomorrow the Wonderland Series will be released here in Japan. Are you excited?

I’m honestly more excited for the store exclusive plushies. I will definitely be getting Ri and Ko (✿◠‿◠)



Although I do like the accessory case. I had originally planned on purchasing it for my best jewelry (the ones from kareshi 😉 but now I’ve realized its only 15 cm, which seems very small … so I guess I’ll check it out and see how cute it is in personcarousel

mini Ko with her trumpet is so adorable too … maybe she will make her way back to my home also!



This series really reminds me of Christmas, anyone else feel that way? It must be the nutcracker-type theme … I definitely didn’t mind buying the Aloha Series in February, but I don’t want to even think about winter in July!


3 thoughts on “Happy Wonderland Series Eve!

  1. I can’t wait for this series, I agree the limited one’s are the coolest!
    Oh Harajuku’s store is giving out cute finger puppets on the 13th not sure if all the stores are doing that but maybe it’s worth it 😀

    • Oh, cute! There’s so much happening at each store I don’t know which to go to! I will be in Osaka the 15th for work, I’m going to try to go check out what they will be doing there too ^^

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