Surprise surprise!

Good afternoon!
As I said yesterday,  I got an amazing surprise from the mailman a couple days ago, but I wanted to make sure I posted about the Wonderland series release for everyone to check out. Anyway, so I don’t keep you all in suspense, my pride and joy..

Dun dun dun ..


Its Korilakkuma XL size from the Sweets series!!!


Shes so sweet and beautiful! I especially loved her white fur in pictures, and its so lush and soft in person ^^


With her Sweets family ^^ I just need her regular size plushie to complete my set!

Im so excited to add her to my collection! She was at the top of my wishlist, and after checking auctions every day, I couldn’t believe when I actually found her. I ended up being the only bidder, and I got her for just $7 more than the retail price ~ unbelievable for such a rare item!

My amazing fiancée went through so much effort getting her to me. He was on his way to the gym when she arrived in the mail, so she actually made the trip with him to the gym before finally meeting me 😉 haha I am so lucky to have both him and her!

Have a great day everyone, take a second to breathe the fresh air and appreciate everything you have =)


5 thoughts on “Surprise surprise!

  1. Isn’t she the softest kuma ever!! I’m hoping San-x makes more just like this 😀 They made it so perfect. Your sweets family is so happy looking he he 🙂

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