Leaked Year of the Horse Plushies!

Could it be???


Is this what the 2014 New Year plushies will look like?

I personally love them, they all look great!

Also, I really love the illustration ..how cute would it be if San-X made a big horse plushie and Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori all hid under it??


8 thoughts on “Leaked Year of the Horse Plushies!

  1. I gotta love this series! I’m not feel good with snake year series so I didn’t get them a while back. I was looking forward for horse year and I’m glad san-x didn’t make me disappointed with the design this time hehe

    And also, welcome to the club! Sorry if it’s too late >__<
    Always feel good to see more and more peeps share the love of Rilakkuma 😀

    • I’ve been looking forward to the horse series too ^^ the past two years have been kinda kowai themes so its the first time since 2011 rabbit that san-x can have kawaii new year ^.-

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