Rilakkuma x Tower Records Release!

Good evening everyone!
Today was the release of the Rilakkuma x Tower Records series ヾ(●’∀’●)ノ♪
I sleepily made my way down to the Shibuya location to pick up mine (my fiancée reserved Ri & Ko for me =)


Poster outside Tower showing what’s available ^^


I got there around 7pm, lots had been picked over by then!


Really cute towels ..I’m thinking of picking one up ^^


IPhone covers and earphones that totally rock!




Free fans! Good timing 😉


My purchase ^^


The other side of the fan, and my receipt with really cute Rila detailing!


The QR code leads to Tower’s website ..would have been cool if it lead to a secret wallpaper or something =P


I got a couple sweet shopping bags with my purchase .. I don’t know what to do with them, they are so cute but I’m so bad at saving things like that! >


Opened and ready to join the rest of the crew ^^

I’m really in love with the detailing of these plushies, they went all out on them this time ..Ko’s mic stand really catches the eye. These two really stick out in my collection. I highly recommend for anyone that was on the fence about purchasing ^.-

10 thoughts on “Rilakkuma x Tower Records Release!

  1. OMG thank you so much for sharing the pics!! I always love to see an actual pics of the store situation because it feels like I were there 😉
    Very great purchase! And congrats on getting that free fans as well 😀
    Umm.. Why I don’t see Kii on the basket? Is he already sold out at the store? :/

  2. Aww its my pleasure to share with everyone that cant be here in person!! <33

    From what I understood about Kii was that he was lower quantity and he had to be reserved .. he is unavailable to order online through Tower now, but some of the more countryside stores have him (Shizuoka for example) Of course Tokyo (Shibuya especially) goes through their stock the fastest!

    Ive already seen them on auction!

  3. All your pictures were so awesome! Wish I was there too ^_^. I am totally on the fence about getting them even though I am already going to get the stage set hehe. I really love kori’s mic stand! All the details are amazing! The shopping bag is so cute, I wish I could get one too, I have collected so many rilakkuma related shopping bags over the years that it’s taking up too much room lol. But I can’t bear to throw them away hehehe. And free fans are so nice!

    • Oh great you’re getting the stage! I haven’t seen it in person but I bet its amazing ^^ the playsets are a fun idea!
      I know what you mean about the extra bags and things like that, it piles up so quickly! I especially love the Skytree store’s bags *^^*

  4. Great pictures, I was too busy yesterday but after seeing them I’m off to look at all the cuteness. This just made my day!!! Tomorrow is the BIG day~Wonderland second wave.

      • Oh yeah darn I wanted to see him. I went to tsudanuma’s tower records but they were all out of fans 😦 but I got kii~

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