Rilakkuma x Yamanote sen details, and lots of news!

Wow! Today is a huge day for news! I hope I caught it all! Lets start off with my personal favorite information 😉


The JR Yamanote line & Rilakkuma collaboration finally has a release date! They will be on sale August 2nd at the Rilakkuma shops, as well as this famous toy store in Ginza, and at a few Tokyo LOFT locations. Pictured are plushies, keychains, a mobile cleaner, folder, stickers, and a tote bag, but San-X said they will release about 20 items. Maybe a Suica/Pasmo case? =P Better yet, I would love an actual Suica/Pasmo card! (the rechargeable card used in the Japanese train system) I will definitely pick up the plushie holding the camera, but I think the key chains are really cute souvenir ideas! People love to buy items with train station names on them ^^ Not only is it Rilakkuma’s 10th anniversary, its also Yamanote sen’s anniversary … 50 long years of servicing some of the most popular locations in Tokyo!


More plushie news, the Orange plushie of the “Which color do you like?” series has a confirmed August 2nd release date as well. I guess these guys are more like over-sized key chains than plushies, but they have been extremely popular thus far. I still haven’t picked up any from that series >.< My favorite color is …. pink (‐^▽^‐)



For the pin collectors out there, tomorrow a special set will be released in stores, including a commemorative frame



Also a giant bath towel (beach towel as us Americans would call it =) will be available in stores tomorrow. At first glance I thought it was a blanket, which I totally wanted … but I think I’ll pass on a bath towel ^-^;



A new deco watch will be released tomorrow also, its really cute! Rila’s watches are always really affordable (around $40) but I wish they would make a little bit more expensive of one and put some more detailing into it .. I have no idea what the target audience is for their watches though, so maybe that’s an unrealistic idea. We can dream!

Whew! I know I missed something, but thats all I remember right now ^-^; 

Tonight is the eve of the extended Wonderland Series release! I’m really excited to see everything tomorrow! 

Until then, please enjoy the Rilakkuma parade video!


7 thoughts on “Rilakkuma x Yamanote sen details, and lots of news!

  1. Awesome! Thanks for finding that out for us! And me too! Favourite colour is pink!!!! :3 I also haven’t grabbed a kuma from that colour series – there’s just far too many to choose from this year that I’ve had to give that one a miss!

    • Yeah, I know what you mean! I try to only buy what I’m absolutely in love with, and wait (impatiently) for all the rest in auctions ..haha =P Its hard to keep up with everything right now, but I also hope san-x doesn’t slow down after the 10 year anny *^^*

  2. Thanks so much for the info! I actually am reeeally in love with the little traincar phone cleaner! it’s sooo adorable with their heads peeking out!

  3. Thanks so much the update! The Yamamote plushies are very cute indeed, I can’t decide between the two, but I am leaning more towards the camera one hehe. For the which color do you like series, I really wanted the black one, I had the chance to order on the San-X Netshop but I hesitated for a bit and it sold out in no time 😦 and I haven’t since it for sale anywhere else since… Are they only doing a release for the orange one? Hope they release all of them again hehehe, wishful thinking lol. Even though I am not a pin collector, the pin set looks so awesome!

  4. So much news I love it!! I can’t wait for the yamanote line plushies! The one of ri as a driver is my fav. I like the pins but they won’t end up in my collection too expensive…

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