Osaka Rilakkuma Experience!

Good morning!
I am just getting home from Osaka, boy am I sleepy! It’s only about a 6 hour drive from Tokyo, but something about traveling just takes the energy out of me >.<

While in Osaka, I was able to slip away from work and visit the Osaka Rilakkuma store! Of course I am too late for all the festivities, but I've never been to this rilakkuma store, so I was happy to cross it off my list.

It reminded me of Tokyo's rilakkuma store in the sense its inside a very large, busy station!


Wonderland shopping bag!


I decided on these beauties! Loving the rich colors


Which color do you like Rilakkuma key chain pink, of course 😉


This summer is too hot for a hoodie!


Thinking of what to do with it pink overkill if I add him to the bag? I was also debating adding him to my boring black purse ^^


For now he will join my other hangers on my top bunk bed railing!

On another note, do you guys remember the cute smiling caravan that was released with the other limited wonderland plushies? Just an update for anyone looking to get him ~ Tokyo and Skytree stores never even got them to sell, which means only Kichijoji and Harajuku got them in the Tokyo area. They both sold out on the same day of the release, and I noticed Osaka didn’t have them either. Kichijoji staff said she didn’t think they would send another shipment out, so looks like this one will be super, super rare. Get yours in auction before everyone else realizes they aren’t in stores anymore!


8 thoughts on “Osaka Rilakkuma Experience!

  1. Well I’m glad you got to go to the Rilakkuma store 🙂
    Your bag is so cute!! And your plushie matches so well.

    I was wondering why it wasn’t in Tokyo station~

    • Yeah, with all the madness I almost forgot about it, but I remembered to ask the staff at Tokyo and she said only Harajuku and Kichijoji got them. I was on the fence about getting him, I was going to decide after I saw him in person ^^ interesting to see how popular he got!

  2. Whoa… the shopping bag is a piece of art in itself! And I think your new pink Rilakkuma would look really cute anywhere, but he’d really stand out with a plain black purse!

    I wonder why the Caravan plushie had such a limited release… have you been to one of the caravan events before? I really wanted to go to one but I visited Japan at the wrong time – right in between caravan seasons haha, just my luck.

    • Thank you! I think I’ll put him with the purse ^^

      Sometimes Tokyo and Skytree don’t get all the releases because of the limited space (although harajuku isn’t so big either …) but I’m stumped about this honestly. Ive been able to purchase caravans months and even in one case a couple years after its release in stores! I think maybe because it’s the first time they’ve done his mouth this way? I hope the staff was wrong and they release more shipments though ❤

  3. Cute bag! The keychain rila blends into the bag! And I love the two little Rilakkumas hanging out on the rail. They look so relaxed and chilled hehe.

    Thanks for the info on the caravan plush, good to know for sure!

  4. OMG thanks for your update about the caravan plush! I really thought there won’t be a high demand on that plush but then again nobody knows really T.T Need to catch him on auction asap then! >.<

    And what a great haul! They do really well match. Makes me want some now ^O^

  5. Omg – so lucky! 😀 Just casually go in the Osaka Rilakkuma store and buy some kawaii goodies! XD And you made the right choice grabbing the pink one! hehe!

    Also – I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the smiling caravan one up on ebay! :3 if that helps anyone at all!

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