Ito Yokado Wonderland Plate Present!

Look what the kind folks at Ito Yokado are offering up!


Starting Saturday, if you spend 1,000 yen you can get this as a free gift! While supplies lasts! Not all locations will offer plates, but I didn’t see a list ~ hopefully mine offers it! Hmmm, how can I spend $10 on Rilakkuma … ^.-


5 thoughts on “Ito Yokado Wonderland Plate Present!

  1. Wow that is awesome…I need to find a close one to me!! I hope you get yours…not sure if I can spend another 10 on Rilakkuma this month >.<
    Can't wait to see what you get~

    • Haha I know what you mean! There must be a local one to you, they are a good place to get everything (like target!) I really need a new bento box so I might grab some lunch supplies ..or splurge on a plushie XD

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