Nice surprise at Lawson!

Good evening!
Today while shopping at my favorite convenience store (Lawson) I picked up my usual green tea and was met with an unexpected surprise!!


Rilakkuma was a free gift with my purchase!


But ..what was it??


A sock?


The back says “green tea”


Its a bottle holder!

It keeps the sweat off the bottle so we can carry it in our purse and not worry about our things getting wet!

At least that’s my opinion of it =)

I used it today, no sweat on my bottle!

My 2 liter water was drenched though ..hope they make a big version 😉


5 thoughts on “Nice surprise at Lawson!

  1. I need this in my life now! I’ve been taken a frozen bottle of water to work with me and wrapping my rilak sky tree towel around it. This is so much better! I can just see myself trying every Lawson in Kansai to get ahold of this!x

  2. Oh it’s always nice to get a free gift! I wish lawson in my country did a collab with rilakkuma, they only did a collab with hello kitty 😦 (hello kitty’s fame is never end from time to time)

  3. Aww it’s a bottle sock, I love that drinks in Japan come with extra cute things, so nice hehe, I think you got the best design out of all the choices ^_^

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