Rilakkuma cafe & other news!

Lots of happy news today, Rilakkuma lovers!


A special Wonderland cake is out, its pudding flavored with caramel inside. Our favorite Rila-friendly retailers like Ito Yokado and Lawson will stock them ^^ it looks like a food version of the Umeda 2012 anniversary plushie! ^.-


Speaking of food, how would you like to dine at Rilakkuma cafe? Harajuku will host a basement level, Rila-decorated cafe for about 6 weeks (until mid September) they anticipate long waits to get in..I will check it out and post pics if I can go!


We fiiiinally get the new Rilakkuma lottery! As usual,  500 yen for a ticket ^^


Last but not least, san-x has released the Aloha playset in the net shop! Nice chance for those of us who didn’t pre-order before!


4 thoughts on “Rilakkuma cafe & other news!

  1. I am so excited about the Rilakkuma cafe I bet if sales do well they’ll make a permanent one! I’m going opening day after I pick up the Yamanote plushies >.< so many things at once san-x….. and that raffle is amazing looking, I would love to win any of those prizes it's definitely the best one yet!

  2. Oh yay! The Rilakkuma Cafe sounds so exciting 🙂 I wonder what the menu will have? Also, I love how the Net Shop releases their exclusives for a second time – though I think I have to pass on this one… again :[

  3. Thanks for the exciting news hehe! I would love to try the cake, it looks so delicious…. =) drooling over here. The cafe looks like fun, I hope they make it permanent, so I can have the chance to visit a rilakkuma cafe one day hehehe. Please post pics if you go! Yay!

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